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News SINAKHO STAFFSHOP COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE Sinakho Staffshop puts smiles on the faces of underprivileged children

Sinakho Staffshop puts smiles on the faces of underprivileged children.

Sinakho Staffshop has been involved in the last few years assisting with the education of the younger generation of this community.  This primary school situated in the rural or farming area in Mooibank, just outside of Potchefstroom consists of 400 children, most of whom come from such extreme poverty due to the severe unemployment in the area. To the children of this community, these once dilapidated buildings and dismal surroundings were really just the norm. 

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Contributions are made on an annual basis and wisely put to use in uplifting the immediate area in which these children are to be educated, dull surroundings do not make for an encouraging educational environment, not so slowly and very surely, Sinakho Staffshop are making a considerable difference.

Pictures were taken to share the delighted expressions on the elated little faces of these children, for the first time pupils are equipped with sufficient stationery to do their work. Some of these items include pens, exercise books, colouring pencils, erasers, rulers and pencil cases etc.  Bright poster paints definitely scored the highest marks with the children who put their creative skills to the test and painted beautiful, cheery posters; a final touch to the new classroom décor.  Happy, relaxed children sit on soft, comfortable cushions; a pleasant change from the cold classroom floor and are shielded from the sun with new curtains that make a noticeable contribution in the uplifting of this once dull classroom. 

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“Playtime has never been so much fun” says little Sizwe as he pieces together a puzzle for the first time.  Most of these of children have never seen a jigsaw puzzle or for that matter have even been exposed to any educational toys.  The playground was recently upgraded and a large Jungle Gym erected to promote physical development and the importance of social interaction and other behavioural skills. 

Sinakho plans for the near future, a contribution towards additional educational toys and the biggest surprise of all – field trips!. Due to obvious financial constraint, outings could by no means have been considered part of the agenda. Now, with the agenda being hidden – purely for the element of surprise, school field trips and outings have become a reality and are being carefully planned and will be funded by Sinakho Staffshop.  Most of these children have never been outside of the Mooibank area and to be taken on outings to various educational sites, museums and other places of interest may just well be the most unforgettable experience of their formative years.

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