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Candidate Reviews

Khadzi Ya Ha Ramalamula reviewed Sinakho Staffshop

Thank you Sinakho for helping me find a job. You are the best agency. Many thanks to you Jeanine for all the trouble you went through for me .I appreciate everything thing you did for me.


Muthomphei Oluwadamilare Thompho reviewed Sinakho Staffshop

Sinakho was with me every step of the way. They went an extra mile for me. If you want to get that job of your dream use people who far about your dreams.


Thabiso Honoko reviewed Sinakho Staffshop

Sinakho is the best agency for anybody who is serious about finding that dream job or seeking a career move in the right direction, please look no further Sinakho is here, thank you Ntsundu for being there throughout all processes and procedures you guys rockkkkkkkkkkk……


Sylvia Dinga reviewed Sinakho Staffshop

I have been around and seen many Agencies but none of them compare to sinakho they really helped in no way any agency ever has!!today I am greatful to them for having gotten me a proper and stable job at a very reputable company..words cannot express the great service I received from them!..I am not exaggerating when I say that these people are spot on!!..thank you ever so much sinakho! ..


Phindi Williams reviewed Sinakho Staffshop

Sinakho really has the means….. They helped me find a job when things were hard for me. I recommend Sinakho through and through. Thanks Ladies!!


Kgaogelo Kaygee Seabela reviewed Sinakho Staffshop

Sinakho is the best agency. I am so grateful and thankful. If you are looking for a job, look no further because Sinakho is here for you. Many thanks to Janine and Sanet, you have been the best.


Tshego Dimple Moyo-Masike reviewed Sinakho Staffshop

If you need the best assistance when looking for a new and exciting job or change in career. This is the agency to go to. Very professional, they know what they are doing. Always keeping you updated and have very good client base.

Thank you ever so much Sinakho staff. Marinette, Ameera, you ladies have been the best and would like to commend you for the outstanding work you have done.

After many years of searching and applying for jobs, I found Sinakho and felt at home.




Bridgette Knight reviewed Sinakho Staffshop

thank you Sinako for helping me find my dream job! I am so greatful! excellent service and such wonderful people! it was great workingg you! i owe you a box of chocolates Jolene and Yolande!


Thandeka Ronelly Nkosi reviewed Sinakho Staffshop

The best recruitment agency ever. I worked for the best companies through Sinakho. Thank you soooo much for the opportunities.