Understanding Telephone Screening

After 20 years of screening potential candidates for job vacancies, Sinakho Staffshop consultants have learned some valuable lessons that they would like to share with you. Read these tips before you pick up the phone to respond to a job advertisement.

  • Remember that the recruitment consultant answering your call has most likely answered 60 other calls prior to yours. Therefore, answer the questions asked as accurately and as informatively as possible, but keep it short and simple.
  • Do not take a chance or try your luck if your experience and qualifications don’t comply with the specifications on the vacancy ad. Sinakho Staffshop consultants have to adhere to stringent screening processes based on detailed job specifications provided by the client. If the consultant doesn’t stick to these specifications they will receive hundreds of CV’s that have no relevance to the staff vacancy advertised. So consultants can’t accept a CV from you if it does not meet the requirements of the available position.
  • You will have better results when you apply for an advertised position that require the qualifications and experience you have, than expecting the consultant to keep your CV on file for when a suitable vacancy becomes available.
  • The "correct culture fit" is vital in any appointment. Part of the consultant's job is to ensure that you fit the company culture, so that you can have a long and happy stay with your new employer. A wrong fit can cause many unnecessary frustrations for both the employee and the employer.
  • If you've had unpleasant experiences with recruitment consultants in the past, put them aside before you call the next one to apply for a position. Remember that telephonic screening is the first step in applying for a position. Being rude and arrogant will definitely not benefit you. The recruitment consultant also needs to create a good impression with the client and will therefore only forward CVs of suitable candidates that they feel will make a good impression.

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